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2023 Award Winners

Web Series and Short-Form Video 
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5-year anniversary!

Best Actor in a Comedy​

Wayne Tunks (Overcaterers Anonymous)

Best Actress in a Comedy​

Kyla Polanco (You Don’t Even Look Italian

Best Actor in a Drama

Tyler Martin (Candice)

Best Actress in a Drama​

Eva Kantor (Making Room)

Best Actor in a Thriller

Shadner Ifrene (Out All Night)

Best Actress in a Thriller

Ella Starbuck (Rebecca Gold)

Best Lead Performance in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy​

Patrick McClory (Runai)

Best Supporting Actor​

Vishnu Vaka (The Policeman’s Fall)

Best Supporting Actress​

Samantha Jones (A Short Tutorial)

Best Director in a Comedy

Crystal Arnette (The Hunted: NYCSS)

Best Director in a Drama​

Poonam Basu (My Dearest Elizabeth)

Best Director in a Thriller​

Alonge Hawes (Silver & Gold)

Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy​

Kevin Hejna (Fallout)

Best Writing (Comedic)​

Steve Lichtenstein, Michael Goldburg, Mark Resnik, Montana Rock (Aaron With 2 A’s)

Best Writing (Dramatic)

David Ogrodowski (Absolved)

Best Cinematography (Comedic)​

Cris Thorne (A Box of Chocolates)

Best Cinematography (Dramatic)

Ryan Metcalf (Sunflower)

Best Ensemble Cast (Comedic)

Door Guys

Best Ensemble Cast (Dramatic)


Best Editing (Comedic)

Jessica Alexandra Green (The Strawberry Jam)

Best Editing (Dramatic)

Mariana Lewis & Max Lewis (Medea)

Best On-Screen Chemistry​

Melissa Malone & Diann Gogerty (Assisted Suicide)

Best Score/Soundtrack

Sabrina Petra (The Hunted: NYCSS)

Best Premise​

Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid

Outstanding Music Video

Olvidate de Mi (Yesi Rodriguez)

Outstanding Trailer

Hot Angry Mom

Outstanding Script​

Rosemary Street

Outstanding Short Film


Outstanding Comedy​


Outstanding Drama​

Making Room

Outstanding Thriller​

Rebecca Gold

Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy

10K Me

Outstanding Unscripted/Reality

Trading Punches and Mending Lives 

Outstanding Sketch Comedy


Outstanding Dramedy​

A Short Tutorial

Outstanding Mockumentary​

Block Watch

Michael Ajakwe Jr. "Don't Wait, Create" Achievement Award

Jessica Alexandra Green

Theresa Labreglio "Jersey Strong" Achievement Award

Laura Dowling Shea

Direct Selections

Rio Webfest: The Stu Sessions

Miami Webfest: Runai

Baltimore Next Media Webfest: My Dearest Elizabeth

Minnesota Webfest: A Box of Chocolates

Hollywood Web Awards: Trading Punches and Mending Lives; New Moon

New Zealand Webfest:  Yellow Lines

Apulia Webfest: Gray-Bies; Untitled Millennial Project

Japan Webfest: Making Room; Illuminagents

Best of the Best


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