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2023 Award Winners

Narrative Fiction

Best Writing / Script

Drew Frohmann (HUMAN-B-GON)

Best Leading Performance

James Oliva (Greater Boston)

Kendell Byrd (Liars & Leeches)

Best Sound Design (Overall)

Richard Hughes (Ore - The Iron Trilogy)

Best Sound Design (Environmental)

Robin Shore (The Slightly Sleazy Speakeasy)

Best Sound Design (Action)

Maximilian Clark (Superhuman Public Radio)

Best Chemistry

Todd Haberkorn, Claire Dodin (The Rapscallion Agency)

Best Ensemble Cast (Fiction Podcast)

Ore - The Iron Trilogy

Best Director

Drew Frohmann (HUMAN-B-GON)

Best Scoring

Robert Mai and Dani Berkov-Hopkins (We’re Alive: Descendants)

Best Editing (Fiction Podcast)

Victoria Cheng, Jino Jang (We’re Alive: Descendants)

Best Supporting Performance

Victoria Thomson (How it Ends)

Katy Secombe (Kisses on a Postcard)

Best Series Premise (Fiction Podcast)

Seen and Not Heard

Outstanding Mystery

How it Ends

Outstanding Science Fiction

The Rapscallion Agency

Outstanding Comedy

Starship Q Star

Outstanding Drama

Better Men Elsewhere

Oustanding Fantasy

Greater Boston

Outstanding Horror/Thriller

Liars & Leeches

Actual Play

Best Costume / Makeup (Actual Play Video)

Hamnah Shahid (Itaewon By Night)

Best Ensemble Cast ( Actual Play Video)

Shadesong Interlude: Livsdottir

Best Game Master (Actual Play Video)

James Pacheco (Tales from the Hearth: Starfarers)

Best Player Character Performance (Actual Play Video)

Jay Africa (The Unsung Tales)

Best Ensemble Cast (Actual Play Podcast)

The Atomless

Best Game Master (Actual Play Podcast)

CJ McCullough (Woeful Revelry)

Best Player Character Performance (Actual Play Podcast)

Laura Tutu (The All Night Society)

Best Overlay Design (Actual Play Video)


Best Editing (Actual Play)

Travis Vengroff (Dark Dice: The Long Road)

Best Original Music (Actual Play)

Kathleen Childs (Sword of Symphonies)

Best Sound Design (Actual Play)

Brian Flaherty (My First Dungeon)

Best Series Premise (Actual Play)

Party of One

Outstanding Actual Play (Video)


Outstanding Actual Play (Podcast) - D&D

Planet Arcana

Outstanding Actual Play (Podcast)

The All Night Society

Combined Awards

Best Cover Art

Better Men Elsewhere

Best Original Song

“Sinister Stirring Stories” (The Boar Knight)

The William Dufris "Those Who Dare, Win" Achievement Award

Christof Laputka and Robin Shore

Best Family Friendly

Joy to the World

Best Anthology

Party of One

Direct Selections

Miami Webfest: Woeful Revelry

Minnesota Webfest: Itaewon By Night

LA Webfest: How it Ends

Rio Webfest: Superhuman Public Radio

Best of the Best - Audio Fiction


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