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2022 Nominees!

Below are the nominees for

Web Series, Music Videos, Short Films, Pilots, Trailers, and Scripts.

For Fiction Podcast nominations, click here.

Winners will be announced at our world-famous Gala on September 25, 2022!

Best Actor in a Comedy

  • Colin Mochrie (Sloppy Jones) 

  • Arnaud De Grandry (Tape) 

  • Ahsan Ali (Legit Married) 

  • Ken Lawson (Forgotten Masters) 

  • Austin Valli (Aghast!) 

  • Ryan Creamer (The Nathan) 

  • Robert Neumark Jones (Joe Schmo)

  • David Lami Friebe (Run Away With Me)


Best Actress in a Comedy

  • Tatyane Meyer (Brazzy Jazzy)

  • Lauren LeBeouf (The Nathan)

  • Harris King (Fornicakes) 

  • Emma Ramos (Dichos)

  • Alessandra Rosenfeld (Silly Girl)

  • Britney Lee Hamilton (#PrincessProblems)

  • Anne-Sophie Soldaini (Tape) 

  • Cyrena Fiel (Topline) 

  • Ali Bill (The Drive-Thru Therapist)


Best Actor in a Drama or Thriller

  • John Tague (Civil Disobedience) 

  • Drew Margolis (Insignificant) 

  • Tom Bentey (The American Benefactor)

  • Shoqan Chupanbaev (Life [Omir]) 

  • David Ogrodowski (Absolved) 

  • Ettore Ricoletti (Arthur) 

  • Dan Gregory (Air B&D)


Best Actress in a Drama or Thriller

  • Mariana Lewis (Doctor Faustus) 

  • Maggie Cramer [(mis)placed] 

  • Juliana Sevilha (Diary of an Actress)

  • Maddie Chyczij (Weirdos) 

  • Cat Ayyar (Sirens) 

  • Melissa Malone (Kith & Kin) 

  • Vanessa Compagnucci (Arthur) 

  • Molly Esther Wilson (Air B&D)


Best Actress in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Anna Lucie Schollerova (Clearly Human)

  • Emma Houghton (Abracadavers)

  • Yuleum Lee ('Shinjikki' The Mermaid Who Predict The Future)

  • Serena De Sario (In Vino Veritas)

  • Anna Parsons (Retrograde)


Best Actor in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy   

  • Ben Myers (Zero Method)  

  • Stephen Bradbury (Cosmic Playtester)

  • Eb Mensah (Miles Behind: A Spider-Man Fan Film)

  • Fabrizio Fallacara (In Vino Veritas)

  • Adler Lafleur (Battle for the Box: Part IV)


Best Supporting Actor     

  • Freddy Giorlando (Above the Horizon)

  • Dan Gregory (Air B&D)

  • Corey DiNardo [(mis)placed] 

  • Harry Tseng (Discontent) 

  • James Ciccone (The American Benefactor)

  • Joe Lenihan (Kith & Kin)

  • Sunny Munn (Guinea Pigs)

  • Jeremy Neumark Jones (Joe Schmo)

  • Jeff Naviello (Scarlet Circle)


Best Supporting Actress

  • Ashley Monique Menard (Wasted on the Young) 

  • Nikki Coble (Above the Horizon) 

  • Megan Soo (Weirdos) 

  • Bela Larby (Weirdos) 

  • Elle Garcia (Critically Ashamed) 

  • Alise Morales (The Nathan)

  • Alana Johnson (Brazzy Jazzy)


Best Host

  • Augusto Bitter (True Dating Stories)

  • Candice Palladino (It's Daisy May)

  • Evan O'Hare (Haunted Objects)

  • Julian O’Shea (Unknown Melbourne)

  • Jennifer M. Kay and Aimee Theresa (This IS Showbiz)

  • Mike Cunliffe & Arik Sokol (The Tall Bike Joust)

  • Gary Jones (Forgotten Masters)

Best Director in a Comedy     

  • Jessica McGaugh (Womanhood) 

  • Kayla Conroy (Human Telegraphs) 

  • Paradox Delilah (Dentists) 

  • Franca Paschen (Critically Ashamed)

  • John J. Fahey (Run Away With Me)

  • Josh Sullivan (Silly Girl)


Best Director in a Drama        

  • Mariana Lewis (Doctor Faustus)

  • Deon van Rooyen, Linda Palmer, Michael Adrian Lockett (Civil Disobedience)

  • Wayne Cella (Insignificant)

  • Russell Conley (Above the Horizon)

  • Dimitriy Kyrykbaev (Life [Omir])

  • Ingrid Franchi (Prisoner)

Best Director in a Thriller

  • Jayleen S. Perez (Air B&D)

  • Young Man Kang (Secretly Sweetly)

  • Jamaal R. Green (Chronicles of Shelton)

  • John P. Dowgin (Prey)

  • Kevin Hejna, Jesse Hutchins (Absolved)


Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Ben Myers (Zero Method) 

  • Oliver Mend, Rose of Dolls (Complete Time Travel Guide) 

  • Rob Alicea (King's Blade) 

  • Tito Guillen (Miles Behind: A Spider-Man Fan Film)

  • Chaewoon Park  ('Shinjikki' The Mermaid Who Predict The Future)

  • Sylvia Ray (My Human Experience)

  • Millie Rose Heywood (Retrograde)

  • Adler Lafleur (Battle for the Box: Part IV)


Best Writing (Comedic)

  • Jennifer M. Kay (This IS Showbiz)

  • Maxime Chefdeville (Resistance)

  • Franca Paschen, Giuditta Lattanzi, Elle Garcia, Chike Robinson (Critically Ashamed)

  • Jamie Hart, Sophie Nation, Jonathan Neil Alexander (Sloppy Jones)

  • Ed Toolis (There's an App For That)

  • Saraphina Mattis (Talia Versus)


Best Writing (Dramatic)

  • Melissa Malone & Theresa Labreglio   (Kith & Kin)

  • Ben Myers (Zero Method)

  • Deon van Rooyen (Civil Disobedience)

  • Eric Piccoli (Wipe Me Away)

  • Kristi J. Woodard, AJ Hall (#Situationships)

  • Tom Cavanaugh (Now, Now, Now)


Best Cinematography (Comedic)

  • Nick Snow (Critically Ashamed)

  • Bobby Sansivero (Brazzy Jazzy)

  • Jr Guajiro (Recife is an Egg)

  • Andrew Morgan (Stakeout)

  • Cameron Roden (Avocado Toast)

  • Sam Schmitz (Lower East Asides)

  • Jeremy J. Nelson (Silly Girl)


Best Cinematography (Dramatic)

  • Daniel Cahill, Jonathan Haynes (Discontent)

  • Rachel Gammel (Sirens)

  • Nicholas Richter (Zero Method)

  • Malachi Matcho (Chronicles of Shelton)

  • Christopher Ramsey (Minimally Invasive Procedure)

  • Mihail Syryanov (Life [Omir])


Best Ensemble Cast (Comedic)

  • This is B.S.

  • Detention Adventure

  • 23 and Mob

  • Dichos

  • Strings Attached

  • Thirty 

  • Critically Ashamed 

  • Riding the Currency

  • Block Watch


Best Ensemble Cast (Dramatic)

  • Retrograde 

  • Above the Horizon 

  • Secretly Sweetly 

  • Chronicles of Shelton 

  • Indelible 

  • Kith & Kin

Best On-Screen Chemistry

  • Junior Orellana & Ralizabeth Orellana (The Couples Struggle: Carcast)

  • Alessandra Noelle Rosenfeld & Josh Sullivan (Silly Girl)

  • Des Morgan & Andrew Morgan (Stakeout)

  • Nathaniel Jameson & Alex Saltiel (& The Bathroom)

  • AJ Hall & Monica Gallman (#Situationships)


Best Editing (Comedic)

  • Atsushi Ogata (Lost & Found Cowboy)

  • Zhenya Borisova (DestructoZhanna)

  • Jennifer M. Kay (This IS Showbiz)

  • Liam Hart (Sloppy Jones) 

  • Matt Laud (The Nathan)

  • Liv Parriott (Steep Town)


Best Editing (Dramatic)

  • Jamie Lockhart (Absolved)

  • Scott Simerly Jr. (Civil Disobedience)

  • Mariana Lewis (Doctor Faustus) 

  • Marc Fourreau (Hogtown/Ainsi va Manu)

  • Nikolai Metin (The King's Blade) 

  • Shane Rock Nelson (Indelible)

Best Premise

  • Lola Does Manhattan

  • Like in Movies

  • Miles Behind: A Spider-Man Fan Film

  • Weirdos

  • Welcome to Soulshine

  • Prime Cuts

  • Roommate


Outstanding Music Video

  • Puzzle 

  • Money (What's It Gonna Do For Me)

  • It's Never Too Late

  • Dream Big

  • Copper Lines


Outstanding Trailer

  • The Transformers: Regeneration

  • The Usual

  • Women Empowerment Event Documentary

  • The Gliwensbourg Chronicles

  • Now, Now, Now…


Outstanding Script

  • The Stumptown Buzzsaws 

  • The Librarians of the Jules Verne 

  • Rio Realities 

  • Refocused 

  • Gold Cup City 

  • Birthday Boy 

  • Persephone 

  • The Association

Outstanding Short Film (All Genres)

  • Air B&D 

  • #PrincessProblems 

  • Scarlet Circle 

  • Silly Girl 

  • Aghast!

  • Above the Horizon 

  • Indelible


Outstanding Mockumentary

  • Talia Versus 

  • Forgotten Masters 

  • Block Watch 

  • This IS Showbiz 

  • The Nathan


Outstanding Comedy

  • There's An App For That 

  • Recife is an Egg 

  • Run Away With Me 

  • Fornicakes 

  • Joe Schmo 

  • Legit Married 

  • Dichos 

  • Guineau Pigs 

  • Steep Town

Outstanding Drama

  • Life [Omir]

  • Doctor Faustus

  • Civil Disobedience

  • Prisoner

  • The Photographer

  • Hogtown/Ainsi va Manu

  • Wipe Me Away

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure

  • Weirdos


Outstanding Thriller

  • Secretly Sweetly 

  • Absolved 

  • Prey 

  • Kith & Kin 

  • Arthur 

  • Chronicles of Shelton


Outstanding Unscripted/Reality

  • The Couples Struggle: Carcast 

  • Unknown Melbourne

  • Ordinary Life Chronicles

  • Prometheus: Season of the Elders

  • The Tall Bike Joust

  • Haunted Objects


Outstanding Dramedy

  • Avocado Toast 

  • Critically Ashamed 

  • Dentists 

  • Lower East Asides 

  • Skeleton Crew 

  • Thirty 

  • Topline 

  • The Drive-Thru Therapist


Outstanding Sci-Fi

  • Zero Method

  • Cosmic Playtester

  • Complete Time Travel Guide

  • In Vino Veritas

  • Abracadavers

  • My Human Experience


Outstanding Sketch Comedy

  • Womanhood 

  • Lost & Found Cowboy 

  • & The Bathroom 

  • True Dating Stories 

  • 23 and Mob 

  • The Subaru Sagas 

  • Wherever You Go 

  • Human Telegraphs 

  • This is B.S.


 Outstanding Fantasy

  • Retrograde 

  • Battle for the Box: Part IV 

  • Clearly Human 

  • King's Blade 

  • Shinjikki' The Mermaid Who Predict    The Future 

  • Miles Behind: A Spider-Man Fan Film

NJ WebFest Best of the Best

Winners in their respective Genre Awards advance as nominees for the Best of the Best!

  • Best Comedy Winner

  • Best Drama Winner

  • Best Thriller Winner

  • Best Mockumentary Winner

  • Best Unscripted/Reality Winner

  • Best Sci-Fi Winner

  • Best Sketch Comedy Winner

  • Best Dramedy Winner

  • Best Fantasy Winner

Michael Ajakwe Jr. "Don't Wait, Create" Award

One crea​tor will receive this special Achievement Award in honor of our friend, the father of all webfests and Emmy-Award winner, Michael Ajakwe, Jr.

Theresa Labreglio “Jersey Strong” Award

Awarded to one New Jersey-based talent who makes our state proud!

Direct Selections

Select shows will be awarded with automatic entry into our partner festivals all over the world!

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