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2022 Award Winners!

Narrative Fiction Podcasts, Actual Play Podcasts, Actual Play Livestreams

(For Webseries and Shorts, click here)

Best Leading Performance (in a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Sandra Espinoza (Uncharted: The Hidden Kingdom)

  • Rachel Crowe (Barjory Buffet: The Cruise Detective)


Best Supporting Performance (in a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Rebecca Ryan (Kakos Industries)

  • Riley Silverman (Vampire: The Masquerade Port Saga)

Best Chemistry (in a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Tal Minear & Brad Colbroock (Someone Dies in this Elevator)

Best Ensemble Cast (of a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Fireside Mystery Theatre


Best Original Song

  • “Nowhere to Go” by The Shake Ups (Ignore City)


Best Original Score

  • Evan Boyerman, Zachary Horner (Uncharted: The Hidden Kingdom)

Best Anthology

  • Fireside Mystery Theatre


Best Cover Art of a Fiction Podcast

  • Earth Eclipsed


Best Family Friendly


Outstanding Comedy (Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Barjory Buffet: The Cruise Detective


Outstanding Science Fiction (Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Midst


Outstanding Fantasy (Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Dice Tower Theatre


Outstanding Drama (Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Temujin

Outstanding Horror/Thriller (Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Old Gods of Appalachia

Direct Selections

Select shows were awarded with automatic entry into our partner festivals all over the world!

Miami Webfest:  Uncharted: The Hidden Kingdom

Minnesota Webfest:  Ignore City

LA Webfest:  Party of One

Seoul Webfest:  Dice Tower Theater

New Zealand Webfest:  Fireside Mystery Theater

Asia Web Awards:  Kakos Industries

NJ WebFest Best of the Best

  • Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast

Best Overlay Design (of an Actual Play Livestream)

  • Sean O’Donovan (Advantage in Paradice)

Best Costume / Makeup (in an Actual Play Livestream)

  • Glaiza Champion (Lost Across the Fence)


Best Game Master (in an Actual Play Livestream)

  • Kendrick Smith (PRAYERS in the STATIC)


Best Player Character Performance (in an Actual Play Livestream)

  • Makari Robinson-McNeese (Another Bad Side Quest)


Best Ensemble Cast (of an Actual Play Livestream)

  • The Hole in the World


Best Editing (of an Actual Play Podcast)

  • Ellinor DiLorenzo (The Lost Mountain Saga)


Best Sound Design / Mix (of an Actual Play Podcast)

  • Phillip Stressman (Dangerous Times at Chillhaven High)


Best Game Master (in an Actual Play Podcast)

  • Cat McDonald (Sword of Symphonies)


Best Player Character Performance (in an Actual Play Podcast)

  • Brennan Lee Mulligan (Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast)

Best Ensemble Cast (of an Actual Play Podcast)

  • Tales Yet Told


Best Ensemble Character Art (Actual Play Podcast & Livestream)

  • A Knight of Shred and Patches

Outstanding Actual Play Livestream

  • His Last Hope


Outstanding Actual Play Podcast (Playing D&D)

  • Dark Dice


Outstanding Actual Play Podcast (Not playing D&D)

  • Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast


Best Editing (of a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Nathaniel Mah (Temujin)


Best Sound Design / Mixing (of a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Kurt Cañez, Sasha Blore (The Call of the Flame)


Best Direction (of a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Chris Polo (Muckey Landing)

Best Writing / Script (of a Narrative Fiction Podcast)

  • Jacq Ellem (Tales From Three Corners)

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