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2022 Award Winners!

Web Series, Music Videos, Short Films, Pilots, Trailers, and Scripts

(For Fiction Podcasts, click here)

Best Actor in a Comedy

  • David Lami Friebe (Run Away With Me)


Best Actress in a Comedy

  • Britney Lee Hamilton (#PrincessProblems)


Best Actor in a Drama or Thriller

  • Tom Bentey (The American Benefactor)

Best Actress in a Drama or Thriller

  • Molly Esther Wilson (Air B&D)


Best Actress in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Anna Lucie Schollerova (Clearly Human)

Best Actor in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy   

  • Adler Lafleur (Battle for the Box: Part IV)

Best Supporting Actor     

  • Jeff Naviello (Scarlet Circle)


Best Supporting Actress

  • Alana Johnson (Brazzy Jazzy)


Best Host

  • Jennifer M. Kay and Aimee Theresa (This IS Showbiz)

Best Director in a Comedy     

  • John J. Fahey (Run Away With Me)

Best Director in a Drama        

  • Wayne Cella (Insignificant)

Best Director in a Thriller

  • Jayleen S. Perez (Air B&D)

Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Ben Myers (Zero Method) 

Best Writing (Comedic)

  • Franca Paschen, Giuditta Lattanzi, Elle Garcia, Chike Robinson (Critically Ashamed)


Best Writing (Dramatic)

  • Melissa Malone & Theresa Labreglio   (Kith & Kin)

Best Cinematography (Comedic)

  • Andrew Morgan (Stakeout)

Best Cinematography (Dramatic)

  • Nicholas Richter (Zero Method)


Best Ensemble Cast (Comedic)

  • Strings Attached


Best Ensemble Cast (Dramatic)

  • Kith & Kin

Best On-Screen Chemistry

  • Alessandra Noelle Rosenfeld & Josh Sullivan (Silly Girl)

Best Editing (Comedic)

  • Liv Parriott (Steep Town)

Best Editing (Dramatic)

  • Nikolai Metin (The King's Blade) 

Best Premise

  • Lola Does Manhattan

Outstanding Music Video

  • Puzzle 


Outstanding Trailer

  • Now, Now, Now…


Outstanding Script

  • Birthday Boy 

Outstanding Short Film (All Genres)

  • Above the Horizon 


Outstanding Mockumentary

  • Block Watch 


Outstanding Comedy

  • Run Away With Me 

Outstanding Drama

  • Civil Disobedience


Outstanding Thriller

  • Absolved 


Outstanding Unscripted/Reality

  • The Tall Bike Joust

Outstanding Dramedy

  • Thirty 


Outstanding Sci-Fi

  • Zero Method


Outstanding Sketch Comedy

  • 23 and Mob 


 Outstanding Fantasy

  • King's Blade 

Direct Selections

Select shows were awarded with automatic entry into our partner festivals all over the world!

LA Webfest: Silly Girl

Seoul Webfest: Above the Horizon

Rio Webfest: Absolved

Baltimore Webfest: Strings Attached

Asia Web Awards: Critically Ashamed

Miami Webfest: King's Blade

Minnesota Webfest: 23 & Mob

Apulia Webfest: Clearly Human/Sloppy Jones

New Zealand Webfest: Chronicles of Shelton

Michael Ajakwe Jr. "Don't Wait, Create" Award

  • Joshua Pangborn (Skeleton Crew)

Theresa Labreglio “Jersey Strong” Award

  • Caris Vujcec

NJ WebFest Best of the Best

  • Zero Method

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