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2021 Webseries Nominees!

Here are your webseries nominees for the 2021 New Jersey WebFest. Winners will be announced live at our world-famous Gala on September 19, 2021!


Best Actor in a Comedy

  • Marc Unger, "Thespian"        

  • Cameron Rhodes, "Colour Blind"      

  • Matt Bailey, "Incompleteness"         

  • David Pasquesi, "Distant Learners"   

  • Roscoe Orman, "Last Resort"

  • Adrian Holmes, "Hospital Show"      

  • Steve Bucino, "#MarriedLife"

  • Victor Albaum, "FabUless"


Best Actress in a Comedy

  • Stacia Rice, "Theater People: Their Town”   

  • Holly Shervey, "Millennial Jenny"

  • Bethany Watson, "Labeled"

  • Anna Lucie Schollerova,"Whisper Naked Shadow"  

  • Tatyane Meyer, "Brazzy Jazzy"

  • Alyse Kenny, "Happily Ever Ally"

  • Sara Canning, "Hospital Show"

  • Mariana Lewis, "Leme in Love"

  • Adele Vuko, "Over and Out"

  • Mews Small, "Mom and Me"

  • Lauren LeBeouf, "Stuck!"


Best Actor in a Drama

  • Christopher Kirby, "Shakespeare Republic"  

  • Douglas Taurel, "Landing Home"      

  • Jack Mulcahy, "Girl Boxer"    

  • Eric Piccoli, "Public Writer"   

  • Tyler Blake Smith, "The Runner"


Best Actress in a Drama

  • Janel Tanna, "Intervention"

  • Mariana Lewis, "Changes"

  • Felise Garcia, "The Honey Trapper"

  • Oriane Pick, "Call It A Day"

  • Sarah Cantin, "Home Turf"    

  • Genie, "Lotte Haus"   

  • Yesi Rodriguez, "Complexity"

  • April Audia, "Long Island South Shore"


Best Actress in a Thriller

  • Caris Vucjec, "Pepper: Ricochet"       

  • Lina Zaraket, "Night of the Hungry Turtles" 

  • Camila Giudice, "Housing Unit"        

  • Michelle Marlowe, "Chronicles of Keegan"  

  • Luca Hollestelle, "Heat"


Best Actor in a Thriller   

  • Chris Violette, "Raveage"      

  • Valentino Naughton, "Housing Unit"

  • Wayne Tunks, "After Nightfall"        

  • John Farnworth, "Chronicles of Keegan"      

  • Joe Lenihan, "Or So The Story Goes"

  • Jordan Gaches, Machivellian


Best Performance in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • James Yoder, "Talisman"      

  • John Pirkis, "The Blue Marble"          

  • Felipe Dutra, "Nomade 7"     

  • Salvo Sally Cosentino, "Like Me Like a Joker"           

  • Chelsey Reist, "Narcoleap"   

  • Christina Leonard, "Illuminagents"   

  • Nelle June Anderson, "Utopia Planitia"


Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy     

  • Joshua R. Pangborn, "The Art of Blowing It"

  • Ned Riseley, "Insta Life Coach"         

  • David Todman, "Dadmate"   

  • Nick Saso, "I Would Have Kissed You"          

  • Byron Wigfall, "KRAP"           

  • Darin Heames, "Production Incorporated"    

  • Will Dagger, "Characteristically"      

  • Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, "How To Buy A Baby"


Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

  • Anika Rashaun, "Lea the Late Bloomer"       

  • Kayla Kusy, "Last Resort"      

  • Diane Parker, "Clutter Luck"  

  • Valerie Tian, "Hospital Show"           

  • Megan Tomei, "Bromance"  

  • Melissa O'Donnell, "Certifiable"       

  • Becky Yamamoto, "Shared Intern"   

  • Manni L. Perez, "Couples Therapy"

  • Ashley Monique Menard, “Skeleton Crew”


Best Host

  • Lauren Francesca, "Click on This Show"       

  • Bunny Yan, "Leftside of Fashion"      

  • Shannon Harvey, "Legal Fox"

  • Julie Feskoe, "Drinks and Frames"    

  • Jon Sosis, "Building Friendships"      

  • Eric LeGrand, "Mission Possible with Eric LeGrand"


Best Supporting Dramatic Performance       

  • Cam Faull, "Little Diva Rising"          

  • Brian Shorkey, "The Honey Trapper" 

  • Gregory Hlady, "The Runner"

  • Julia Silverman, "Intervention"         

  • Barbara Thomas, "Demon Doctor"   

  • Chelsey Mart, "Long Island South Shore"     

  • Sally McLean, "Shakespeare Republic"

Best Director in a Comedy     

  • Jody Lauren Miller, "Scratch This"    

  • Jon Sosis, "Labeled"  

  • Steve Becker, "Brazzy Jazzy" 

  • Jeananne Goossen, Robert Jackson, "The Artist's Way Out"           

  • Leah Cameron, "The Communist's Daughter"          

  • Gina Casazza, "Future Therapy"       

  • Adriana Maggs, "How To Buy A Baby"         

  • Joe Kicak, "Detention Adventure"     

  • Joanna Beveridge, Nicole Delprado, Ivy Mak, Josh Mawer, Mukul Kandara, Rochelle Reidy, Carla Bellomarino, "Sydney Sleuthers"      

  • Lauren LeBeouf and Omri Anghel, "Stuck!"

  • Adam Bowers, Hayden Livesay, "The Pool"


Best Director in a Drama        

  • Linda Palmer, "Intervention" 

  • Cat Torres and April Audia, "Long Island South Shore"        

  • Michael Cruz, "The System"  

  • Sally McLean, "Shakespeare Republic"         

  • Bruno Carmelo Mirabella, "Like Me Like a Joker      

  • Eva Kabuya, "Dog Days"        

  • Young Man Kang, "Lotte Haus"         

  • Frederic Zeimet, "W."

Best Director in a Thriller

  • Jamaal Green, "Chronicles of Keegan"         

  • Theresa Labreglio, "Or So The Story Goes"  

  • Anthony Butters, "Combination"       

  • Caris Vujcec, "Pepper: Ricochet"       

  • Courtney James, "Raveage"  

  • Martín García, "Housing Unit"          

  • Rose of Dolls and Oliver Mend, "It's Your Turn"


Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Kate Green, "Narcoleap"       

  • Flavio Langoni, "Nomade 7" 

  • Wayne Cella, "Talisman"      

  • George Reese, "Utopia Planitia"      

  • Michele Pinto, "Project M"    

  • Ralph Toporoff, "The Blue Marble"


Best Writing (Comedic)

  • Lydia Parker and Sabrina Parker, "The Band Formerly Known As"  

  • Nathalie Schmidt and Arnold Barkus, "I Do"

  • Leah Cameron, Peter D. Murphy, Waneta Storms, Clara Altimas, Kaveh Mohebbi, Spencer Thompson, “The Communist’s Daughter”  

  • Narmar Hanna, "The Luxury Rental" 

  • Brad Riddell, David Pasquesi, and Sandy Sternshein, "Distant Learners"   

  • Alyse Kenny, "Happily Ever Ally" 

  • Andrea Clinton, "Cassidy"      

  • Michaela Zannou, "Couples Therapy"           

  • Cassidy Davis, Mallory Fuccella, and Jenna Simmons, "Adulting"   

  • Shelby Hiltunen, "The Usual"

  • Robbie Carruthers and Jason Arsenault, "Wharf Rats"

  • Des Morgan and Andrew Morgan, "Wallpaper"       


Best Writing (Dramatic)

  • Maria Albiñana and Luke Eve, "Cancelled"   

  • Howard Bowler, "The System"         

  • Jon Massey, "Frank James"   

  • Kathleen Lee, "Sex & Death" 

  • Felise Garcia, "The Honey Trapper"  

  • Renan Amaral, "Valerianas" 

  • Melissa Guzman and Yesi Rodriguez, "Complexity"

  • Lauren McCann, "Girl Boxer"


Best Cinematography (Comedic)

  • David Woodson, "The Usual"

  • Paul Critzman III, "The Pool" 

  • Nicolaus Herrmann, "The Man for Your Sins"          

  • Devin Karringten, "Hospital Show"   

  • Renan Amaral, "My Name is Fran"  

  • Ziv Berkovich, "Production Incorporated"     

  • Sathya Vijayendran, "Doggy Style"   

  • James Ducker, "The Solution"           

  • Elaine White, "Big Girl"

  • Conor Fisher, “The Communist’s Daughter”


Best Cinematography (Dramatic)

  • Diderik Evers, "Heat" 

  • Grant McKinnon, "Brutal Lives"        

  • Jeremy Osbern, "The Square Root"  

  • Dominick Sivilli, "Girl Boxer" 

  • Quentin Lewis, "Changes"     

  • Emilie Delorme, Yann-Manuel Hernandez, Luis Seijas, Patricia Derome, Graham GS, Jean-Michel Martin, Andrés Rodrigo Castillo, Andréanne Chartrand Beaudry, "Exiliados"  

  • Lorena Villaverde, "Darwin Awards"


Best Ensemble Cast (Comedic)

  • Scratch This   

  • The Ensemble Experience     

  • Adversity        

  • Cells of Quarantine    

  • Fairy Floss      

  • The Pool         

  • NC-16 

  • Struggle City  

  • Hani's Barber Shop    

  • Tokens

  • Theater People: Their Town  

  • Freelancers


Best Ensemble Cast (Dramatic)

  • Romanticas    

  • Genre Humaine         

  • #Washed        

  • Dog Days        

  • Sad-Ass Black Folk     

  • The Circle       

  • Little Achilles

Michael Ajakwe Jr. "Don't Wait, Create" Award

One crea​tor will receive this special Achievement Award in honor of our friend -- the father of all webfests and Emmy-Award winner - Michael Ajakwe, Jr.

Best Guest Star       

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, "Mission Possible with Eric LeGrand"

  • Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon, "Click on This Show"        

  • Bo Dietl, "Bromance"

  • Lzzy Hale, "Labeled"  

  • Sinem & Meltem Gulturk, "Building Friendships"    

  • Bryan Thompson, "Like Me Like a Joker"

Best On-Screen Chemistry

  • Mickeey Nguyen and Nadine Bhabha, "Loved Ones"

  • Lola Lorber and Drew Lausch, "Sugar Baby" 

  • Luke Eve and Maria Albiñana, "Cancelled"   

  • Cassidy Davis and Mallory Fuccella, "Adulting"

  • Kathy Huynh-Phan and Diane Chen, "Sideways Smile"        

  • Jennifer M. Kay and Aimee Theresa, "Certifiable"   

  • Michaela Zannou and Ryan Metcalf, "Couples Therapy"     

  • Weetus Cren and Alexandra Guerineaud, "Sworn Frenemies"        

  • Andrew Lauzon and Jen Eps, "Friendzoned" 

  • Marie Augeai, Romane Fournier, "Adultes" 


Best Editing (Comedic)

  • Jessica Green, "Last Resort" 

  • Brianna O'Grady, "Scribbles"

  • Derek Johnson, "FabUless"   

  • Atsushi Ogata, "Lost & Found Cowboy"        

  • Leonardo Barone, "Romeo"  

  • Cris Thorne, "Dependence"   

  • Thomas Linton & Mark Joyce, "The Solution"           

  • Kyle Leland, "Hammersmith"

  • Ashley Winters, "PT: Pain and Torture"

  • Mahi Rahgozar, Chris Mutton, "The Communist's Daughter"


Best Editing (Dramatic)

  • Stephen Deaver, "The Square Root" 

  • Emily Streetz, "Frank James"

  • Jessica Green, "Pepper: Ricochet"    

  • Nils Rensen, "Heat"   

  • Michele Pinto, "Project M"    

  • Lucas Durão, "The Unadventurers"   

  • David Siciliano, "Nun Habits"


Best Score/Soundtrack

  • Melody Match Me     

  • Lost & Found Cowboy

  • The Anxious Taxidermist       

  • The Band Formerly Known As           

  • Demon Doctor

  • World League of Myth and Heroes

Best Series Premise

  • Loved Ones    

  • Viterbium       

  • White Girl Apokalypse           

  • Shakespeare Republic

  • Throwback89 

  • Mission Possible with Eric LeGrand  

  • Millionaire from Balashikha  

  • Effectively Schizo       

  • Skuber

  • Avocado Toast

  • Poor Us


Best Theme Song

  • Concrete Jungle         

  • The Usual       

  • The Artist's Way Out 

  • Boomers        

  • I Would Have Kissed You       

  • KRAP  

  • Darwin Awards          

  • Romeo

  • Forest League

  • PT: Pain and Torture


Best Costume Design

  • The Gliwensbourg Chronicles

  • Lost & Found Cowboy

  • The Anxious Taxidermist       

  • Over and Out 

  • Trillo & Suede

  • Like Me Like a Joker   

  • The Unadventurers


Outstanding Music Video

  • George Floyd: Say Their Names

  • I See U

  • A Jersey-Sized Disgrace

  • Ain't Last Call

  • Man of the Year

  • Ignited

  • Crazy

  • She's a Devil


Outstanding Trailer

  • Absolved        

  • The Lockdown

  • Monster Mash

  • The Wandering          

  • Bromance      

  • Struggle City

  • Far Far Away

  • Avocado Toast


Outstanding Animation

  • Forest League

  • Marsh and the Moshki-Mallow

  • La Dump

  • Dead End        

  • Lucidity           

  • Paul Makes Everything Worse

  • The Cat's Apprentice 

  • Deluxe Motion

  • World League of Myth and Heroes


Outstanding Mockumentary Series

  • Hammersmith

  • PT: Pain and Torture  

  • The Ensemble Experience     

  • Band Nightmares      

  • The Art of Blowing It 

  • Real Laws in Real Places       

  • The Band Formerly Known As


Outstanding Comedy Series

  • The Pool         

  • Theater People: Their Town  

  • Sworn Frenemies      

  • Hospital Show

  • KRAP  

  • Over and Out 

  • Production Incorporated        

  • The Communist's Daughter   

  • How To Buy A Baby   

  • Detention Adventure

Outstanding Drama Series

  • Girl Boxer       

  • Lotte Haus      

  • Shakespeare Republic

  • Landing Home

  • Public Writer  

  • The System    

  • The Honey Trapper    

  • W.


Outstanding Thriller Series

  • Or So The Story Goes

  • After Nightfall

  • Combination  

  • Machivellian  

  • Frank James   

  • Pepper: Ricochet        

  • Housing Unit  

  • It's Your Turn 

  • Raveage         

  • Chronicles of Keegan


Outstanding Unscripted/Reality Series

  • Click on This Show     

  • Building Friendships  

  • Leftside of Fashion    

  • Legal Fox        

  • Detroit Rising: How the Motor City Becomes a Restorative City

  • Mission Possible with Eric LeGrand  

  • Overhere


Outstanding Dramedy Series

  • Avocado Toast

  • Whisper Naked Shadow        

  • The Man for Your Sins           

  • Couples Therapy        

  • Call It A Day   

  • Nun Habits     

  • The Artist's Way Out 

  • Scribbles        

  • Genre Humaine         

  • Last Resort


Outstanding Sci-Fi Series

  • Narcoleap      

  • Talisman        

  • Utopia Planitia           

  • Project M       

  • Illuminagents 

  • Nomade 7


Outstanding Sketch Comedy Series

  • Shared Intern 

  • Big Girl           

  • Dadmate        

  • Lost & Found Cowboy

  • Cassidy           

  • Trillo & Suede

  • Characteristically       

  • Tokens


 Outstanding Fantasy Series

  • The Spell Tutor          

  • The Unadventurers    

  • The Cat's Apprentice 

  • Lucidity           

  • The Blue Marble        

  • Little Achilles 

  • Like Me Like a Joker

NJ WebFest Best of the Best

Winners in their respective Genre Awards advance as nominees for the Best of the Best!

  • Best Comedy Series Winner

  • Best Drama Series Winner

  • Best Thriller Series Winner

  • Best Animation Winner

  • Best Mockumentary Winner

  • Best Unscripted/Reality Series Winner

  • Best Sci-Fi Series Winner

  • Best Sketch Comedy Series Winner

  • Best Dramedy Series Winner

  • Best Fantasy Series Winner

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