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FilmFreeway Instructions for Audio Fiction

We are excited to bring the ease and simplicity of FilmFreeway to our Audio Fiction submissions! As more and more WebFests start to offer podcasts, using this platform will create one consolidated space where you can submit your show in just a few clicks, rather than starting over everytime. 

FilmFreeway is the #1 site on the internet for submitting video content to film festivals all over the world. While they don't explicitly offer audio fiction YET, we have been in touch with their team and have solved a way to use their platform for now, until they more officially release an audio fiction solution.

Here is a step-by-step set of instructions for submitting your podcast using FilmFreeway. If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to reach out at or grab 15 minutes on Ned's calendar!

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions were created specifically for a desktop computer. Instructions may vary if you are on a tablet or mobile device. Additionally these were made for FilmFreeway in 2020 and some things may be slightly different.

Creating an Account

  1. Go to and click "Sign Up" in the Upper Right-Hand Corner.

  2. Fill out the form with your First and Last Name, Email Address, and Password. 

  3. Select "I want to submit my work or get tickets to festivals".

  4. Click "Sign Up with Email"

THAT'S IT, you now have an account.

Adding Your Podcast

As a note! If you now head to our FilmFreeway page and click "Submit Now" BEFORE you add your podcast to the platform, it will take you into a new workflow. That will get your podcast uploaded onto the site but once these steps are done you will have to go back to our FilmFreeway page and click "Submit Now" again to finish your submission.

​Project Information

  1. Under "Project Type" select "Music/Songwriting". Since FilmFreeway does not yet have a "Podcast" option, we have been instructed to use this option as it allows you to upload audio-only files.

  2. Under "Project Title" write the name of your Podcast

  3. Leave "Lyrics" blank.

  4. Fill out your Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram links as applicable.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE: You may export your podcast file as a video in .mp4 format and Upload it using the "Film / Video" Project Type. T this option allows you to link an external file hosted on your Website, Podchaser, or wherever you would like instead of upload your .mp3 file directly to us through FilmFreeway.

These instructions will continue for "Music / Songwriting", many of the instructions are the same with some differences between them.

Submitter Information

  1. Under "Submitter Information", all we need is your Email Address and Country listed.


  1. Please Delete the default "Author" and "Artist or Band Member" using the X in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Use the "Add a Credit Section" button to add all the credits types related to your show (eg. Director, Sound Design, Performance, Original Music, etc.)

  3. You can add as many people under each Credit Section as you like by clicking "+ Add a person" in the bottom right of each section.


  1. Under "Project Type" select "Other"
    NOTE: We've gotten some feedback that there is a bug in the FilmFreeway system for some users that won't allow them to select "Other". We have flagged this for FF and in the meantime feel free to select a different option. If this causes any issues don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at


  2. Please list your show's Genres, starting with the most primary genre you associate your show with. (eg. "Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy" would tell us you think your show is a Sci-Fi first, then a Horror, then a Comedy. If your show is selected for the festival this helps us with award nominations.)

  3. For "Length" please list the length of the file you are submitting for consideration. We have a limit of 30 minutes for considered material. If you submit something longer than 30 minutes, our judges will only consider the first 30 minutes of the file.

  4. Under "Language" please list the primary language of your submission. We will judge every show in its native language, by gathering judges in those languages as needed. However, if your show is selected and it is a non-English selection, we will require a translation or english transcript of your screener for our audience at the Festival in September.

  5. If you are an alum of the New Jersey Web Festival you are not allowed to submit the same material again that you submitted in prior years. But if you released new content of the same show, you CAN submit that. Also, if you submitted previously and your show was not accepted in prior years, you may re-submit the same material if you wish.

Past Awards

  1. We will not take past awards into consideration in our judging. However if you think it is relevant that we know this information, feel free to fill it out.

  2. When you have finished this section, select "Save Project".

View Project


This next screen gives you an overview of your submission. From here you can make any edits you need to get your submission ready to send to us.

Here you can Upload your .mp3 file to FilmFreeway for us to consider by clicking "Choose File". 

Edit Project

This screen is the same as the first "Add Project" section. Here you can edit any decisions you made above. Be sure to click "Save Project" at the bottom or it will not save any changes you make.

Project File

Here you can Delete the file you've submitted to us, or update the file if you have a new Mix of your podcast or anything like that.


NOTE: If you update your file, PLEASE let us know ASAP by emailing us at and telling us what you changed. If we've already considered your show, we may need to consider it again in light of the changes.


Here you can change how people can find your project. If you would like a publicly listed FilmFreeway page then feel free to set this to "Public". Most shows only use "Festivals Only" however this is up to you.

You may also set a Public Page URL for your project, if you like. If you set your publicity to "Limited" then this page will be findable but no one can see what file you submitted. 

You can either allow us to Request to Download, or allow us to Download, your project file as you wish. We will have to Download it at some point in order to give to our judges, but if you would like to make it a Request we understand. NOTE: This Request WILL have to be granted at some point.

Submitting Your Podcast

  1. Head to to submit your podcast.

  2. In the "Categories & Fees" section on the right hand side, expand either the "Fiction Podcasts (Narrative Fiction)" or "Fiction Podcasts (Actual Play)" section and select the "Submit Now" button.

  3. If you have multiple podcasts uploaded to FilmFreeway, select the proper one from the "Select Project" dropdown.

  4. Check the Fee box next to the proper category (either "Fiction Podcasts" or "Actual Play (Podcast)" or "Standalone Audio Fiction" depending on your show).

  5. You can either Add to Cart and select more Festivals to submit to (you can check out all the festivals on the Audio Fiction World Cup here.) or select "Add to Cart & Checkout" which will bring you to a payment screen. Upon submitting payment and clicking "Pay & Complete Order" we will have received your submission and will begin the judging process!

Final Thoughts

By working with FilmFreeway, gone are the days of infinite Google Forms, Dropbox Request folders, etc. This will streamline everything for you AND for us, and as more and more WebFests unveil Fiction Podcast categories it will be even easier for you to submit to as many as you like!

Once again if you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to reach out at or grab 15 minutes on Ned's calendar.

We can't wait to consider your work!

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