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2023 Award Nominees

Web Series and Short-Form Video 
For Audio Fiction, click here

Best Actor in a Comedy

  • Steve Lichtenstein (Aaron with 2 A’s)

  • Ken Forman (New Moon)

  • Noah Keyishian (A Box of Chocolates)

  • Scott Long (Brewtown)

  • Taylor Olson (King & Pawn)

  • Wayne Tunks (Overcaterers Anonymous)

Best Actress in a Comedy

  • Shaina Silver-Baird (Less Than Kosher)

  • Kyla Polanco (You Don’t Even Look Italian

  • Mel House (Hot Angry Mom)

  • Veronica Maccari (Imposter)

  • Pally Siqueira (Recife's Greatest Love Story)

  • Lauren Karaman (Kinsley Vs.)

  • Kristin Papadopoulos (Yellow Lines)

  • Emm O’Connor (Brewtown)

Best Actor in a Drama

  • Tyler Martin (Candice)

  • David Ogrodowski (Fire)

  • Matthew Thomas Burda (Sunflower)

  • Kenny Grimble Jr. (Lost in Moldova)

  • Drew Margolis (Insignificant)

  • Zachary Evrard (Detox)

Best Actress in a Drama

  • Mariana Lewis (Medea)

  • Jenna Phoa (Gay Mean Girls)

  • Lou Lampros (Marseille Mon Amour)

  • Natalya Kozlovski (Coffee & Cocoa)

  • Abriella Grace Ruby (You’re It)

  • Eva Kantor (Making Room)

  • Jamila Wingett (Newlyweds)

Best Actor in a Thriller

  • Shadner Ifrene (Out All Night)

  • Stefano Salvini (Voices)

  • Leinad Walker [#VanLife (Emotional)]

  • David Ogrodowski (Absolved)

  • Joseph Sernio (Loved)

Best Actress in a Thriller

  • Ella Starbuck (Rebecca Gold)

  • Annabelle Stephenson [#VanLife (Emotional)]

  • Brittaney Traylor (Silver & Gold)

  • Loarina Gonzalez (Karmen)

  • Morgan MacNaughton (White Willow Lake)

Best Lead Performance in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Alexander Hammet (Command)

  • Alexa Hartman (Luna the Witch)

  • Selene Phillips (Fallout)

  • Patrick McClory (Runai)

  • Elena Ghenoiu (Halo: The Rebellion)

  • Christina Leonard (Illuminagents)

Best Supporting Actor

  • Bryon Brown (Booked)

  • Jeff Grennell (Fire)

  • Dumitru Mamei (Lost in Moldova)

  • Adam Weitner (The Stu Sessions)

  • James Gill Nash (Yellow Lines)

  • Vishnu Vaka (The Policeman’s Fall)

Best Supporting Actress

  • Sophia Aranda (Gray-Bies)

  • Debby Gerber (Loved)

  • Samantha Jones (A Short Tutorial)

  • Alexandra Faye Sadeghian (Karmen)

  • Stéphanie Arav (Sandy)

  • Lucy Sturm (Grease Monkey)

  • Sara States (Kinsley Vs.)

Best Director in a Comedy

  • Crystal Arnette (The Hunted: NYCSS)

  • Joshua R. Pangborn (Skeleton Crew)

  • Cris Thorne (A Box of Chocolates)

  • Jon Sosis (Door Guys)

  • Chelsea Amoroso (Untitled Millennial Project)

  • Jeffrey J. Hanley (The Stu Sessions)

  • Samantha Wan (Lady Ada's Secret Society)

Best Director in a Drama

  • Ryan Metcalf (Sunflower)

  • Jessica Alexandra Green (Making Room)

  • James Stewart (Chateau Laurier)

  • Poonam Basu (My Dearest Elizabeth)

  • Samuel Diggs (Fire)

  • Sally McLean (Walking Shadows, Vol. 2)

  • Quentin Lewis, Mariana Lewis, & Maximiliano Lewis (Medea)

Best Director in a Thriller

  • Jamaal R. Green (Out All Night)

  • Ian David Diaz (Rebecca Gold)

  • Kevin Hejna (Absolved)

  • Alonge Hawes (Silver & Gold)

  • David Joseph Higgins (Loved)

  • Jayleen S. Perez (Karmen)

  • Sally Lomidze (White Willow Lake)

Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy

  • Charlie Falkner (An Alien in Sydney)

  • Kevin Hejna (Fallout)

  • Herman Wang (Illuminagents)

  • Jr Michael (Night Fall)

  • Sean Reynolds (Runai)

  • Paige Compton (Luna the Witch)

Best Writing (Comedic)

  • Chelsea Bunn, Michael Jastroch, Bryan Roberts (Booked)

  • Sassy Mohen (How to Hack Birth Control)

  • Krista Hovsepian (fête)

  • Courtney Romano (Kinsley Vs.) 

  • Steve Lichtenstein, Michael Goldburg, Mark Resnik, Montana Rock (Aaron With 2 A’s)

  • Sarah Doyle (Two Blue Lines)

  • Carly Wilkins (Yellow Lines)

Best Writing (Dramatic)

  • David Ogrodowski (Absolved)

  • Sophia “Bee” Montano (Coffee & Cocoa)

  • Jae Kyeong Chang (Sojeong's World)

  • Kerry Drumm (Incoming: The Wives)

  • Nadia Paradis, Anne-Hélène Prévost (Detox)

Best Cinematography (Comedic)

  • Jr Guajiro (Recife's Greatest Love Story)

  • Sean Thrunk (Grease Monkey)

  • Lainie Knox (Tokens)

  • Matt Chow (Bogan Moths)

  • Cris Thorne (A Box of Chocolates)

Best Cinematography (Dramatic)

  • Quentin Lewis (Medea)

  • Ryan Metcalf (Sunflower)

  • Malachi Matcho (Out All Night)

  • Gregory Bennett (Creepy Bits, Chapter 5: Pitter Patter)

  • Arthur Cooper (Chateau Laurier)

  • Lorenzo Graziano (Sonder)

  • Mathieu Veillette (Petites Histoires dans la Ville)

Best Ensemble Cast (Comedic)

  • Overcaterers Anonymous

  • Wendy

  • Block Watch

  • Like in Movies

  • Door Guys

  • King & Pawn

  • Moonie

  • Untitled Millennial Project

  • Tokens

Best Ensemble Cast (Dramatic)

  • Making Room

  • Treading Yesterday

  • Chateau Laurier

  • Sonder

  • You’re It

  • Insignificant

  • Sojeong's World

  • Sandy

  • Figli Di Madre Terra

Best On-Screen Chemistry

  • Jamila Wingett & Jamal Renaldo (Newlyweds)

  • Quentin Williams & Brittaney Traylor (Silver & Gold)

  • Jenna Beressi & Sophia Aranda (Gray-bies)

  • Idir Azougli & Lou Lampros (Marseille Mon Amour)

  • Allison Hunt & Tyler Angotto (Untitled Millennial Project)

  • Chaim Samuels & Ryan O'Tool (Bad Cop)

  • Nick Najarian & Lucy Sturm (Grease Monkey)

  • Melissa Malone & Diann Gogerty (Assisted Suicide)

Best Editing (Comedic)

  • Alice Airoldi & Antonia De Barros (Imposter)

  • Jessica Alexandra Green (The Strawberry Jam)

  • Jeffrey J. Hanley (The Stu Sessions)

  • Shawn Beckwith (King & Pawn)

  • Ben Lawrence & Ann Foo (Tokens)

  • Jessica Alexandra Green (Hot Angry Mom)

Best Editing (Dramatic)

  • Mariana Lewis & Max Lewis (Medea)

  • Sophia "Bee" Montano (Coffee & Cocoa)

  • Michael Zhonga (White Willow Lake)

  • Jean-Luc Simon (W. Chapter II)

  • Delaney Vance & Jamon Holmes (Halo: The Rebellion)

Best Score/Soundtrack

  • Hsin Hua Wang (The Strawberry Jam)

  • Isiah Seward (Loved)

  • Sabrina Petra (The Hunted: NYCSS)

  • Ari Posner (Less Than Kosher)

  • Nakia (Skeleton Crew)

Best Premise

  • Halo: The Rebellion

  • 10K Me

  • The Drop

  • Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid

  • Darwin Fick in New York

  • Abulivia

  • Diner Therapy: Pillow Talk

Outstanding Music Video

  • Gary the Vanilla Piece of Gealt

  • Olvidate de Mi

  • Upside Down

  • The Man With the Midas Touch

  • No Defenses

  • Brontë

  • Scoundrel

  • Swept Away

Outstanding Trailer

  • Night Fall

  • A Taste of Youth

  • Treading Yesterday

  • Less than Kosher

  • Hot Angry Mom

  • Creepy Bits, Chapter 5: Pitter Patter

  • The Hunted: NYCSS

Outstanding Script

  • Life

  • Rosemary Street

  • Hellmark Movie

  • Silver & Gold

  • Keynotes

  • Coney Island Surprise

Outstanding Short Film

  • Sunflower

  • Candice

  • My Dearest Elizabeth

  • Wendy

  • Fire

  • Aaron With 2 A’s

  • Loved

  • Making Room

Outstanding Comedy

  • Aaron with 2 A’s

  • Brewtown

  • Bogan Moths

  • The Hunted: NYCSS

  • Wendy

  • You Don’t Even Look Italian

  • Kinsley Vs.

  • Booked

Outstanding Drama

  • Medea

  • Walking Shadows Vol. 2

  • Sunflower

  • Chateau Laurier

  • Fire

  • Candice

  • My Dearest Elizabeth

  • Making Room

Outstanding Thriller

  • Absolved

  • #VanLife (Emotional)

  • Silver & Gold

  • Loved

  • Rebecca Gold

  • Voices

  • White Willow Lake

Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy

  • 10K Me

  • Verde Cenere (Ashgreen)

  • Fallout

  • Command

  • Illuminagents

  • Runai

  • Luna the Witch

  • Halo: The Rebellion

Outstanding Unscripted/Reality

  • Trading Punches and Mending Lives 

  • Cardboard Titanics: Smart People Being Stupid

  • This Is

  • The Rosie and Bill Show

  • Marcellus Hall: An Artist in New York City

Outstanding Sketch Comedy

  • The Strawberry Jam

  • The Policeman’s Fall

  • The Drop

  • Imposter

  • New Moon

  • Rideshare

  • Moonie

Outstanding Dramedy

  • Skeleton Crew

  • Gray-Bies

  • Gay Mean Girls

  • Incoming: The Wives

  • A Short Tutorial

  • fête

  • Assisted Suicide

  • Yellow Lines

Outstanding Mockumentary

  • Overcaterers Anonymous

  • Door Guys

  • Block Watch

  • How to Hack Birth Control

  • An Alien in Sydney

  • Witching Hour

  • The Stu Sessions

Michael Ajakwe Jr. "Don't Wait, Create" Award

In recognition of excellence in filmmaking, one web series creator will be awarded this special Achievement Award named after the pioneer of web festivals, Emmy-Award-winning Michael Ajakwe Jr.

Theresa Labreglio "Jersey Strong" Award

One New Jersey-area talent who makes our state proud will be celebrated with this special Award named after Jersey-native, award-winning creator, Theresa Labreglio.

Direct Selections

Select shows will be awarded with "Direct Selections” - automatic entry into our partner festivals all over the world.

Best of the Best

Winners of the Outstanding Genre categories advance to the final award of The Gala. One of them will be crowned The Best of the Best!


WINNER of Outstanding Comedy

WINNER of Outstanding Drama

WINNER of Outstanding Thriller

WINNER of Outstanding Unscripted/Reality

WINNER of Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy

WINNER of Outstanding Sketch Comedy

WINNER of Outstanding Dramedy

WINNER of Outstanding Mockumentary

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